decorative & faux finishes, Venetian & lime plaster 

Birdstudio brings artistry to the rich history of Venetian plaster. Alongside a general mastery of how things should look, our extensive study and practice of painting, color matching, contrast, and texture yields finishes that are each entirely unique.


  • Comcast Corporation | Philadelphia, PA

  • American Academy of Music | Philadelphia, PA

  • Brandywine Realty Trust | Philadelphia, PA

  • Lubert-Adler Partners, LP | Philadelphia, PA

  • Tantillo Architecture | Philadelphia, PA 

  • Millan Architects | Philadelphia, PA

  • Granum A/I | Radnor, PA

  • Daroff Design | Philadelphia, PA

  • Driscoll Construction | Philadelphia, PA 

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Damask Marmorino Piato