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Based in Germantown, Philadelphia, Birdstudio is led by artist and craftsman, Zack Bird. With his diverse skillsets and artistic eye, Zack has brought technique and creativity into the limelight for so many businesses, brands, and homes in Philadelphia.

We offer a diverse range of services that we've classified in to three branches: Architectural Artistry, which refers to large format artwork and mural, decorative embellishment, and aesthetic problem solving, Gild & Sign, which includes traditional lettering, sign and mirror making, and multi surface gilding, and Fine Finish, which denotes faux finishing, color and surface modification, decorative plaster, and lime wash techniques. 

We are a studio of artists, craftsmen, and designers who love nothing more than creative collaboration. Reach out to us today for a quote



Zack Bird

Owner, Principal, Head Artist

As a home-grown Philadelphian, he has found a niche relationship between art and business. He received his formal education in painting, casting, and conservation at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, with continued studies at Studio Incamminati. On the rare day off, Zack can be found poolside (homemade poolside, that is) with his wife, Cara, and two sons, Lachlan and Dylan. 


Pete Brenneman

Project Manager

Our Project Manager, Pete, hails from Lancaster County. He studied Industry and Fine Art at Millersville University. He's our material master and capable craftsman, and can regularly be found working on his custom Mercedes Sprinter. He lives in Germantown with his wife Becca, two sons, and boxer Arlo.


Mari Elaine Lamp

Studio Manager

Mari Elaine is our everything-logistics guru. Originally from Chicago, she moved to Philly in 2016 to attend the MFA program at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. As a painter, she brings an attention to detail to her work. As a writer, marketing professional, and teacher- well, that pretty much covers everything else. 


2800 Roberts Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19129, USA

(215) 605-3269

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